Improve your worn wood floors with sanding and finishing services from a certified and trained specialist…

Hardwood floor refinishing requires integrity, training, and skills. Our expertise lies within site finished wood floors. Site finishing of wood floors has been a key process for hundreds of years that makes a home truly beautiful. Although labor intensive, this procedure renders a completely flat and sealed contiguous wood surface that should last for years.

Over the years, quality hardwood floor refinishing professionals seem to have gone the way of the Jedi…

How it all started…

Premium wood floor refinishing (as we’ve indicated) is a dying art in the world of wood flooring. Home building across the US tends to drive a lot of trends in the flooring world. Years ago, builders determined that it was considerably easier to stay on schedule if the finishing process of a floor was done in advance. This led to the proliferation of factory-finished floors with Aluminum oxide, micro-bevels, and laminate floors.

Retailers of carpet and tile suddenly identified a quick way to gain market share and began to sell factory-finished floors like they are gold. In fact, if you visit the lion’s share of floor covering stores around central Oregon you will likely hear a number of selling points AGAINST site-finished wood floors. No matter what choice you make, eventually all floors need to be maintained. Virtually all warranties for aluminum oxide simply cover wearing completely through the finish, but not surface scratches. No matter what floor you have, we can help you through this maintenance process.

Come on, get to the punch…

With a diminished need for floors finished on site during the building process, fewer contractors are being well trained in the process of sanding and finishing.

Please keep in mind, I am making a serious distinction between a trained professional and a handyman or painter who rents a sander from Home Depot and says they can do your job.

In this business, true professionals have to understand everything from finish application rates to proper cure times and adhesion principles related to floor sanding sequences.

If you have visited Houzz or Pinterest lately, then you will note that the processes for applying a finish and creating specific colors has virtually exploded in the last 3-5 years. Fortunately, our client base and industry connections have kept our skill set at the forefront. Whatever your needs are, we can help you maintain, change the color, or just refinish your wood floors with no problems.

hardwood floor refinishing

How is a good job different from a bad job?

Why should I care?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so just look below. This is a good before and after for you to make a few assessments:

hardwood floor refinishing
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So what’s wrong?


If you look at the floor on the right, make not of the contours of the finish across the grain. If you were to run your hands across this floor, you would be able to feel this rise and fall of the floor between the soft grain and the hard grain of the wood. As you walk across the floor day after day, these higher spots of the floor will experience slightly accelerated finish wear. The surface is not truly flat, compared to the floor on the left.


Although it is subtle, if you look also across the floor on the right, there are fine lines that are about 8-10” wide that appear throughout the reflection of the finish. Although chatter is not a contributor to premature finish wear, it certainly is a flaw in the world of sanding and is aesthetically unpleasing. Occasionally contractors will defend against chatter and say: “That’s normal” or “It will go away on the next coat”… The truth is that it does not go away.

Chatter in a wood floor can develop for many reasons, but ultimately does not get resolved because of inadequate final finish sanding procedures.


Wood Swirls
Wood Swirls

The National Wood Flooring Association has set forth a standard that says wood floors should be judge from a standing position only and under normal lighting conditions. When applying colored stains to a wood floor, the color should be even in tone and free from sanding machine marks. When preparing a floor for stain, if the sanding sequence is poorly done, then the stain will highlight machine marks that are visible even from a standing position. It is important that your contractor is a trained professional with a passion for quality, or you could end up with this common sanding and staining problem.

Education is key

Anytime you hire a professional, the saying is that you are paying not just for what they are doing, but what they know. If you were getting surgery to fix an ailment, then you would certainly not shop around for the lowest priced doctor. Hardwood floor refinishing is NO DIFFERENT in all honesty. We hope that you will thoroughly consider all aspects of your project with equal importance and not just the bottom line price.

What we have written is simply a general tutorial about the process and not intended to complicate your decision-making. Feel free to give us a call because we will make sure to answer your questions with integrity.


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