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Thank you for taking the time to read through our website and view our wood flooring work. My name is Michael Smith and I am the owner of Distinctive Wood Floors here in Bend, Oregon.

I started in the hardwood flooring business a number of years ago and have found it to always be the most rewarding career choice I have made. Consider that everyday in some way we are improving the look of someone’s house week after week. You get lots of smiles and grow into the community with referrals and lots of positive online reviews.


The icing on the cake for me has become the broader wood flooring community with whom I have connected over the years during technical schools with the National Wood Flooring Association. I have attended several wood floor technical schools and conventions, which have progressed me into being a certified wood flooring professional.

Certification in my industry is essentially an insurance policy for homeowners that my workmanship and customer service will be held to a national standard of excellence established by the NWFA. In doing your research, I’m sure you will read online how every company is the best or has been in business since the beginning of times. That’s all fine, but it really does not allow you to establish a benchmark of true experience. It’s likely a contractor could have 20 years of experience or it also could be that they have one year of experience repeated 20 times.

We obtained our certifications so the “rubber can meet the road” for those customers in search of a contractor with validated experience. Friends and colleagues make the real difference in this business. I have never claimed to know everything, but I can find the answers to my questions within one to two phone calls should the need arise. Hiring this company reaches farther than just a small local business with sanders and saws.

My national network of contractor colleagues is truly the unique strength of Distinctive Wood Floors when you evaluate the playing field. Go ahead and call. I would love to talk about your project or even help provide any advice that may help you cut through the online red tape that accompanies shopping for a wood floor.