We Create magnificent floors

Below is a sampling of our work. If you want to see even more pictures, we also maintain a Pinterest Page. We work with low VOC finishing options and traditional Swedish finishes. We put forward the pros and cons of these systems and let you build a custom finishing plan for your wood floors. 


Surface finishes


what to know

  • We Acclimate our floors
  • We Use Dust Collection
  • We are trained and certified
  • We use a variety of finishes

Sanding is the foundation

Flat + Smooth

We use Lagler floor sanding machines that are certified by an independent German University as dustless. Our sanders operate with powerful vacuum which results in a cleaner surface during the process. Couple a flat and smooth wood floor with a professional grade flooring finish and you have a Distinctive product. 

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NWFA Certified 


Sand and Finisher

Craftsman employees 

Loba Sand and Finish school

Bend oregon Flooring Locals

We have worked and resided in the Central Oregon and Bend region for over twenty years. Our company is licensed with the CCB and insured.

Rubio Monocoat